What is a Camera Obscura?

These Latin words mean "dark room" and refer to a simple technique that provides the possibility to photograph a light-drawn image as seen on the inner walls of a closed room. With the discovery of the photographic process, the Camera Obscura became a pin-pole camera.

Since 36 years Ilan Wolff has specialised in creating photographs using the Camera Obscura technique with cameras made from old boxes or cans. Nowadays he mainly uses his van, a Renault Trafic and ordinary room interiors to create large images.


logo12 Since 1993 Ilan Wolff has been giving regular workshops in the technique of photography with the Camera Obscura and using photographic emulsion to create images on different surfaces. These are held in schools,universities, museums, art centres. The workshop concept was developed with the help of Ms Aline Rutily an artistic adviser at the Ministry of Education in France and also author of several educational books. Ilan Wolff also undertakes photographic projects for artistic and commercial purposes.


The magic of the Camera Obscura
Pin hole and photogram techniques workshops by Ilan Wolff 

The idea: Photographic images have a great influence in our daily life
With the help of modern equipment - digital cameras, computers, smartphones  etc. imagination, hand work and a process "have got lost" in our reality.We have become "slaves" in the high-tech world.
During the several days of a course, a new window is opened to a world where imagination, improvisation and hand work during the process take the most important role.

The student will realise what a process is
He can see how an image is created inside the Camera Obscura (and create a large format image of few meters in size). It's an adventure which he will not forget and which will give him a new "point of view" on "high-tech" reality.