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Since 1981 Ilan Wolff has specialised in creating photographs using the Camera Obscura technique with cameras made from old boxes or cans. Nowadays he mainly uses his van and ordinary room interiors to create large images. Since 1993 Ilan Wolff has been giving regular workshops in Pin Hole photography with the Camera Obscura and using photographic emulsion to create images on different surfaces.

1955 : Born in Nahariya, Israel

1970-73 : O.R.T. Highschool of Arts, Haifa, Israel

1976-78 : Freelance Graphic Designer,Israel

1978-81 : W.I.Z.O. Neri Bloomfield College of Design, Photography Department, Haifa, Israel

1982-86 : Based in Amsterdam, Holland. Specialized with the "PIN HOLE" technique using round-cylinder cameras. Projects for "Stren" magazin (mai 1985) in Germany, and Insurence Company in Amsterdam.

1987-90 : Based in New York and Amsterdam:
1988-1989: Projects for Kodak, "New York through the pin hole". Project for the 150 of photography for the Minister of Culture of France - "Life in the Deseret" about the Beduin tribe in the Negev deseret. Project for film company-Nolan Kieth in Ierland "Dublin and west Ierland.

1990- project for  J&J. company.U.S.A. First workshop in Madrid, Spain orgenized by kodak.

1990-92 : Based in Amsterdam:

Projects for: Man Roland company  in Germany (calender for ´1992). "IMAGINA" project  for C.A.F. (Centro Andaluz de la Fotografia), Almeria- Spain  (exposed during EXPO SEVILLA in 1992).

1992-94 : Based in Paris in the Cité Internationale des Arts:

- Grand from the Minister of Culture - City of Paris , first work from inside the Camera Obscura, transforming my studio to a pin hole camera (Camera Obscura). Creating a new technique "PINOGRAM" which is an image creating out of  combining pinhole and photogram in the same exposure time.

1994-97 : Based in PARIS:

Trasforming my car as Camera Obscura , specialized in "PINOGRAM" technique , using my car as camera. Project for the city of Lorient (France) "the harbour". Creating a series about the monuments of Paris using my car as camera. Project for "Migro" Supermarket company in Switzerland transforming different products to cameras.

1997-2009 : Based in SEYSSEL (France): 

Specialized in "PHOTGRAMA"  technique, developing the "CALORIGRAMA" technique- which is  Photogram based on HEAT as only energy and the "NATUROGRAM" -a new way of developing  techniques.

From 2004 using the moon light as only energy-  "LUNAGRAM" technique an photogram image create by the light of the moon only , working mostly outdoors in nature at night .Experimention with vegetables (red pepper) and the earth as PIN HOLE  cameras. Constructing and photographing using 3 pinhole cameras.

In 2000 a Project for the city of Cahlon S/ Saone- Musee N.Niepce (France) -  "Le Grand Album". From 2001 working regulery with the C.A.F.(Centro Andaluz de la fotografia) in Almeria- Spain , giving workshops every year.

In 2006-2007 Project for KUTXA bank in San Sebastian (Spain) about the Monoments of the city using my van car as PIN HOLE camera. Creating a LUNAGRAM of 30 meters long.

From 2008 -2011 project from the C.A.F.(Centro Andaluz de la Fotografia) Almeria (Spain) - "Monoments of Andalusia"  with  travelling exhibition and cataloque in 2012.

From 2010: Based in Seyssel (France) and Aguadulce (Almeria - Spain)

In 2010-2011 Project for the CAJA SEGOVIA (the Bank of Segovia) about the monoment of the city of Segovia  as well giving workshops in the universities of Granada, Jaen and Sevilla.