Original works for sell

In the next pages I present images which are all originals photographes done with “Camera-Obscura” - self hand made “Pinhole” cameras.
The images were developed in the old tradition photography way in the darkroom with chemicals.
Each image have a photo-paper negative and was printed up to 13 copies each, the copies are a little bit different from each other.

All the photos are signed and dated with copy no. There is no digital process involved in my works, only light, chemicals and photo paper.

My idea is to sell those images in a interesting condition, means as many images you buy the cheapest the price per image is.
I believed that my works can combine very well together as a series.

For example: “New perspective”, “Imagination in reality”, “Nostalgic reality”, “pictorial atmosphere”, “Dreams & fantasy" etc. and will be perfect to decorate public & privet places like companies, offices, hotels etc. .

Prices or example: one image is for 1500€.
20 images is for 500€ per image.

1 for 1500€, 2 - 5 for 1300€, 6 - 10 for 1100€, 11- 19 for 800€, 20 and up for 500€.

For more information please contact me at: <Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.>