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Two workshops pinhole photography (estenopica) in Cabo de Gata by ilan wolff

Cabo de Gata is one of the most inspire place in Spain to photograph.


The wild and variance landscape, the richest of the colour and the quality of light in winter time. All that together give me a good reason to organized that series of workshops.

After living here for 2 years I know the pleasure of photographing in the park therefore I propose for everybody who wish to take part in that workshops.

The workshop will take place in the Camping place of “ Los Escullos” (Cabo de Gata) which is near Isla de Moro .

First workshop on 1-3 November. Second workshop on 6-8 December

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After 30 years working with the old techniques - "Pin Hole" and "Photogram" - creating all my works in the old way and by hands only , I decided to come out with a new digital prints under the strict Digigraphie standard which present my old classic works.
The advantage of that digital serie is first cheaper prices and second long life archival pigments and paper (much more than photo color paper).


I'm pleased to announce of a new Edition of my classic series:

  • Original Digigraphs prints, each printed with archival pigment ink (10 colors), on 330 gr. Cold press natural Fine art archival paper. Printed by HC editions with © Ilan Wolff .

  • Nomber of edition 20, 5 EA, 5 HC. Signed and numbered. there will be 3 different size,Format of 150 x +-65 cm,/ 90 x 45cm+- / 29 x 21cm+-.

  • Prices of images are:150cm x +-90cm - 1350€ / 90cm x +-45cm - 650€ / 29cm x +- 21cm - 250€ (prices are not incloud mailing).

  • Some more info on the paper: An acid free,ph buffered, 100% cotton rag media with a natural textured finish. This paper has an extremely-high color gamut and black density.

30 years of camera obscura

Here by a selection of images which present  my works since 30 years ,working with diferent thechinques from Photogram , Camera Obscura (pin hole) until my last works using the moon light - the Lunagram

Stage Camera Obscura Enfants - 2 jours

Notre atelier Camera Obscura est conçu spécialement à l'intention des enfants des écoles.
Durée: 2 ou 3 jours.

Les participants à cet atelier, qui s'intègre au programme scolaire, réalisent des photographies avec un appareil fabriqué à partir de boîtes recyclées percées d'un trou.
Ils peuvent se photographier les uns les autres, ou prendre des clichés de leur école ou de tout autre sujet architectural.
Ensuite, ils développent et tirent leurs images eux-mêmes.

Cet atelier s'adresse aux enfants de 7 ans et plus, mais il convient aussi aux lycéens et aux étudiants.


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