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Workshop in Torre Tavira in Cadiz

Using Torre Tavira in Cadiz as camera….creating stenogram,Photogram and Pin hole images



In this workshop we will use the Torre Tavira as camera to create several images by the students (as well as working with they own cameras).

Each one will create a “Stenogram” images - a combination of a pin hole and Photogram by using his own objects and the city landscape which reflected inside the Torre Tavira.

We will have a darkroom near by were all negatives and latter positives could be developed. Each person will create a series of 12 – 15 images- Photograms, Pin hole negatives and positives as well Stenogrames images. Part of the works will done outdoors on the street level.


Being inside the camera see the outside world and create an image from inside the camera is an adventure which never will be forgotten.

Cost of workshop: 120€

No. of participants: minimum 6 - maximum 12 person.