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Workshop in CABO DE GATA

 16 - 18 JANUARY 2015

More information coming soon ...


At last I'm glad to announce that the photography project about Andalucia, which I started 5 years ago will be expose for the first time in "Centro Andaluz de la Fotografia" (C.A.F.) in Almeria.
This exhibition will be traveling in the next few years in different places in Spain and over sea..
Hope you will have an opportunity to see it.!!
Ilan Wolff

workshops in GERMANY


From the month of Mars until mid July 2015 I will travel in different cities in Germany

organize and giving series of workshops in schools and cultural centres

A list of program will be publich latter on.


In December 10, 2014 there will be an opening of my exhibition “ MYSTERIOUS ANDALUCIA”

In the “Center Andaluz de la Fotografia” (C.A.F.)in Almeria, Spain.

This trveling exhibition present a body of works which I did from 2010 -2013 in the 8 Andalucia’s provinces and will incloud over 90 images. The project which was sponsored by the C.A.F. gave me a completely freedom over the subject. As a foreign which at that time just arrived there, every trip I did was a discovery of part of the land.

In the way I’m photographing using the pin hole camera, travelling with my van full with can –cameras, developing the negatives inside the van, as well living in my van during the journey, I easly make contact with the local people and many strange and mysterious little stories were discovered.

During that time a documentary film was produce which will be showing as well during the exhibition.


A new workshop “Cameara obscura in Sevilla”

Photogram – pin hole photography (éstenopica, sténope), Sténogram(combination of the two techniques together) and photo emulsion product on different supports.

On this workshop each participant will create his own Camera Obscura (one or two) will photograph in the city centre using as well some of my cameras…

In the darkroom we will developing the negatives and positives , some positives will be prints over different material like marble stone, Inox metal, natural wood, canvas, cotton, silk, and different kind of carton and paper.

Beside each will create 3 photogrames of different objects - transparent and / or with interesting form , shapes and structure. Another way of creating a new kind of image is by combining the two technique together - a “Sténogram” (pin hole image with photogram).

The workshop will take place in COBERTURA PHOTO at c/ narciso campillo 4 sevilla

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Price: 120€ incloud all photography material.
Maximum 8 person.

For more info. Please contact cobertura photo.


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